The desperate need for conventional and industrial lubrication to provide better protection and increased performance from mechanical equipment created the perfect opportunity for METALON PRODUCTS. The METALON PRODUCTS line was developed to answer this 'cry' by targeting specific environments with engineered solutions. By inspecting each of the Data Sheets of the METALON PRODUCTS (available through this Website on the right toolbar), you will become aware of the vast expanse of applications the METALON PRODUCTS Cost-Effectively serve.

METALON PRODUCTS are manufactured, packaged and shipped from our plant in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. We take pride in producing METALON PRODUCTS to high quality standards and providing excellent technical service to our METALON DEALERS, who supply ever-demanding End Users throughout the world.

We invite all reputable Wholesalers, Resellers and Dealers that supply the mechanical, power and maintenance industries. INTERESTED? PLEASE READ OUR INVITATION click here.

By joining our Family of METALON DEALERS, your firm will reap the benefits of providing Cost-Effective Solutions to your customers.

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